Tips For Making Moving Fun For Kids

Moving can be an exciting, scary, or just a plain stressful time. However, if you are able to make moving fun for kids it can be a real treat for them. A big part about moving is packing and moving, but the stress of that can add to the stress of your life. Don’t stress out over what’s next. Make moving fun by taking them with you! There are lots of fun things to do when kids are around, and this makes moving easier on them.

make moving fun for kids

The best way to make moving fun for kids is to have them ready all week. If you are planning to move in with your family, hire one of the top moving companies in Detroit and get packed in no time at all. And, there are so many other ways to make moving fun for kids; they’ll do a much better job if they’re on board! Let them help you pack and unpack so they feel as prepared as possible.

A major stressor for many parents of young children is the stressors in their lives caused by the move. Moving can create new stresses, new problems, and new tensions in households. All of these are added to the already stressful situations surrounding a young family. But, if you take the time to plan and prepare, moving can be less stressful for everyone involved.

Plan and prepare – If you are moving in with your family, make sure to plan ahead. Talk with friends and family who live close by and make sure you know where they will be when you are going to be moving in. Discuss the best times to visit (and get picked up from) and the best routes to take to get to and from your new destination. Remember that moving day is only two weeks away, and kids can be very excitable, but they won’t enjoy the unnecessary pressure if you don’t prepare for it adequately.

Get organized – It’s a good idea to have a “pull out” area where younger kids can unpack and put their toys in so they won’t throw their stuff everywhere. Take inventory of what is in each box so you can label boxes and remember what goes where in the process. This will also help you find things easily when unpacking, which is very important when you are preparing for a big move. Kids get a lot of enjoyment from finding things, especially toys, and it’s good practice for moving day as well.

Teach kids’ safety habits – Teach kids to always use their keys and not put their hands or any other part of their body in their mouth when pulling the handle of a door. Also teach them to keep their hands and feet inside the moving boxes as they pack, putting themselves at risk of falling out. This may seem like very simple advice, but it’s surprising how many younger kids forget to do it, especially if they’re rushing to get everything into their new house. Your new room is your castle, so make sure that it stays safe while you are moving it in!