Lawn Man Protecting Your Lawn

Lawn Man

A well-kept garden does not happen on its own, it requires effort and time each season. Get Lawn Man and save your hard earned time for what is really more important in life: family, friends and playing! Lawn upkeep is no easy task and with professional help, that time can be cut down considerably. Lawns need to be tended to not only from the top layer but also from the bottom, meaning mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing, and rest even when the grass is growing thick and lush. There are many different tips and tricks to make your garden a bit easier to maintain and here are just a few:

Tip one is to plant heavier, high growing plants towards the back of the house and shorter, lower-growing ones towards the front of the house. Reducing the height of the tallest plants will make your lawn look bigger and give it the appearance of spreading over a larger area. Reducing the number of big rooms you have in your home will decrease the amount of time you spend in front of the TV or computer. This tip also makes sense if you have children or a big family. Big rooms spread out the effort out evenly and help you relax while you watch TV or play on the computer. Remember, less is always more with this one.

Tip two, use smaller rusty pots that you can fill with enough soil so that when you let out the water from the tap, it doesn’t overflow. You probably won’t fill them completely with water but putting enough water in so that it doesn’t go into the floor of the lawn is better than leaving it sitting there and soggy. After the first rains you may decide to change to a larger rusty pot filled with smaller and lighter soil so that as the seasons pass and your plants come back in, they don’t sit too deep into the ground and get rusty.

Tip three, use a good quality detergent when watering your lawn. A good quality detergent will not give off a bad odor. If you try one that smells like ammonia you will be very sorry, and Jenny Craig says that ammonia is one of the worst possible things to put in water that can cause a problem in any type of system, whether it’s your garden lawn or fish pond. You probably wouldn’t want to water your Jenny Craig finish with anything other than a good quality of ammonia detergent.

So, now we know what to do for rusted areas around your lawn. That’s all that was left was to figure out how to handle the problem and make it go away. You’ve probably heard that one before, “it’s not a big deal”, well it is a big deal if you have a rusty, full blown lawn that needs rusted nails removed, and a studio audience appreciates a clear explanation. You want to keep the rusted area clean. You don’t want to risk using rusty nails that could catch grass cutting blades and harm someone while they are walking across it.

You could use a rust remover that is made specifically for household use, or you could go the route of using a non-abrasive rust detergent. It is highly recommended to test both of these options on an inconspicuous part of your lawn first before applying them to your entire backyard. After you have found success with either of those methods you can apply the detergent on your entire backyard. In this case I would recommend putting the solution on the entire backyard, but you need to make sure you only use enough to ensure the area is completely rusted and dry. That’s it, my friends, you’ve got it all down to the basics when dealing with lawn care!